MTA: We Don't Need No Ethics!

In response to the long history of ethics problems at the NYCTA, the TWU made a list of proposals in the latest round of contract talks. We felt that our proposal would go a long way toward ending the dangerously cozy relationship that TA managers have with certain contractors. This coziness leads to corruption that takes on many forms but they all share one thing in common, they all cost YOU, the taxpayers millions of dollars each year. The proposals we made are as follows:                                                               

Bargaining Unit Protection/New Technology
TWU Local 100 Proposals
In light of the Transit Authority’s extensive history of problems with contractors, which often result in extended delays, massive cost overruns and litigations, we feel that it is imperative that the Transit Authority’s contract farming out policies be made more transparent. The TWU can help save the Transit Authority millions of dollars per year by doing more work in-house. These savings can be used to stabilize the fares and restore service cuts.
1. Strengthen the New York State Ethics Law so that Transit Authority or MTA managers can’t work for a TA or MTA contractor, subcontractor or consultant in any capacity for 5 years after separating from the TA or MTA with NO waivers granted. If any manager is caught doing this, the contractor / subcontractor or consulting company is barred from any MTA contracts for ten years AND the manager automatically forfeits their pension as well as being liable for any civil or criminal penalties.
2. Add the bolded language to the New Technology language in the CBA, Attachment I:
“The Authority will provide the union with appropriate documentation and information sufficient to permit the Union to adequately understand the parameters of the changes or significant technological advancements the Authority is considering, including all new technology consultant reports within one week of NYCTA’s receipt. It is also intended that the notification will be given sufficiently in advance of such meeting in order to provide the Union the opportunity to review and analyze the technological issues being considered by the Authority.”
3. The TA to refrain from proprietary contracts and extended warrantees, and if a proprietary contract is needed, our TWU workers will get trained within a year to take on that work.
4. Automatic Bargaining before the implementation of all New Technology initiatives.
5. The union to receive a complete closeout report on all projects that include the estimated cost and the final cost of the project, the estimated time to complete as well as the final time of completion of that project. The union to receive all Additional Work Orders or punch list of work that wasn’t completed on acceptance of the project.
6. The MTA will not contract out work if such contracting out will cause, currently and directly layoffs or downgrading of present employees.
7. The Union and the TA agree to open discussions for the purpose of arriving at a more beneficial appraisal of in-house labor costs.
Local 100
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The response to our proposal was a joke. They said " We are not interested in any ethics proposal and we don't see the need for it"  We feel that if ever there was a group that needed ethics reform, it is the NYCTA. If, after reading some of these stories you feel the same way, please let your politicians know about it!