Our Mission

Our mission is to demonstrate to the public that the real problem with the MTA budget is not the wages and benefits that the Transit workers receive. Although the Transit Authority may portray it differently in the press, the REAL problem has nothing to do with labor costs. The REAL problem with the MTA budget is a flagrant misspending of public funds.

The MTA is controlled by a board of 25 “appointees”, 17 of which are appointed by the Governor, 4 by the Mayor and 4 other appointees appointed by various county executives within the service area. Together they oversee a budget that is bigger than the budget of many U.S. states and many small  countries.  Most appointees to the board have absolutely NO background in transportation and yet they oversee this multi-billion dollar operation with almost NO public accountability.

In this website we will show that the MTA needs MUCH more transparency and oversight than what it is currently getting. It is an organization that is in desperate need of investigation and reform. In the most recent round of contract talks with the MTA, the TWU presented the MTA with countless examples of management corruption. We did this with the intent of increasing operational transparency, reducing corruption and saving taxpayer dollars. The MTA countered that they wanted even LESS transparency and that they were not interested in any ethics reform whatsoever.

This website will be constantly updated with different issues. Each issue will show how millions in tax dollars have been, and continue to be, wasted. In many instances we will offer common sense solutions which, if implemented, will save the MTA, and YOU the TAXPAYER, Billions of dollars. We strongly encourage the public to write in to comment on these issues and even bring up issues of their own. All of this will be done in a way that insures confidentiality and protects the people that write in.

If after reading these articles it makes you angry to see taxpayer dollars wasted in this flagrant manner, we urge you to take action! We believe that the power in this country still rests in the hands of the people! Please take action and write to YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. Tell Governor Cuomo and your Legislators that they work for you and you're not going to take it anymore! We make it all easy for you, simply press a button on the spacebar above to send an e-mail to the Governor and others. Please also take the time to sign our petition, that we have created in conjunction with the Workers Family Party, asking for the MTA to re-occupy 370 Jay Street and give up their expensive office tower at 2 Broadway.

We feel that, before they EVER talk about raising the fare on the hard working people of this city again, they had better get their own financial house in order!